Lawn Care

Want a great lawn without all the effort , research and hardwork? YES
Would rather be fishing or golfing? YES
We have been caring for lawns in the area for over ten years, and would love to have you on board. Enquire now .
Have a lawn that just does not want to grow thick even grass? YES.
We have an 8 step Lawn Rejuvenation Plan that will bring life back to that tired lawn. Ask us and we will send it to you. click here

Services offered

  • 8 step Lawn rejuvenation plan
  • Moss spraying-Remove lichen and moss from your lawn as well as get it bright green to get a moss free lawn
  • Soil ph testing- make sure your lawn is at the correct ph level for optimum growth
  • Dethatching- remove all dead grass and moss and let the air into the lawn.
  • Regular mowing 
  Push mowing- flat small areas
  Line trimmer, strimmer- banks, long grass and areas that cant be reached by other means.
  Ride on mower. larger sections, great finish.
  Tow behind mower- This can be connected to the ride on for extra width cutting or toed behind a 4 wheeler for fast cutting of large areas. Superb finish.