Garden Care


We will make your garden the best it can be.
We have a range of services that have all come about by demand.
We have many gardens under our wing that we attend to from weekly, fortnightly and monthly.
Our local knowledge and experience will give you the best garden that can be.

Our services include:

  • Hand weeding
  • Vege garden establishment and monitoring
  • Nutrient balancing
  • Spraying fruit trees and roses for fungal diseases.
  • Pruning and cutting back- we prune roses, trees and shrubs, for their health, shape and aesthetics.
  • Hedging - from Buxus to Macrocarpa hedges. We do them all, with a builders perspective to hedging.
  • Tree work. With the use of our experienced saw men and extendable pole pruner(chainsaw bar on pole), we will take on most trees. Pruning to felling.

We offer an organic gardening plan. This is Based around soil health and a balanced eco system. We will look at companion planting and introducing new plant species to act as hosts for beneficial insects.
There are many ways to live more in balance with nature and this is what we aim to achieve. See  to get some great info.